Ice House Productions

Timecode Event Server

System Requirements

  • Computer with Java runtime installed
  • Audio input device
  • 5 MB of disk space
  • LTC Timecode Input

  • Built-in audio inputs are supported
  • SMPTE compliant Linear Time Code signal generator or VTR
  • Connect timecode to audio input via proper cable
  • Timecode Sources

    TCode supports a variety of professional timecode sources. A partial list follows:
  • Broadcast VTR's
  • Timecode generators for use with broadcast equipment
  • Audio breakout boxes with LTC outputs
  • Liner Timecode recorded on an audio track
  • Framerates

    TCode supports the industry standard framerates of 24, 25, 29.97, and 30 fps.
    Support for these framerates is automatic, and is autoselecting