Ice House Productions

Timecode Event Server

"Sticky notes for your timeline"

By connecting timecode to your computer (Mac or PC), this web based application will keep you on top of your show.

Features At A Glance

  • Embedded web server showing current time, active note, and several future notes
  • Multiple playlists available from one server
  • NTSC, PAL, & Film framerates supported
  • View events locally or on a remote, networked machine
  • Standards based web pages showing events, allowing advanced users to customize pages

How Do You Do That?

TCode takes time from any LTC (Linear Time Code) output, usually on the back of professional VTR's or directly out of a broadcast timecode generator and decodes it via any audio input. This allows you to log an event as it happens, or while watching a tape afterwards using only your computers built in audio input or a third party USB or Firewire audio device.

You create cue lists during a rehearsal using TCLogger, or modify them offline using Excel or a plain text editor, and save as a plain text file. These playlists are automatically updated on all web pages, and ready to use.