Ice House Productions


Video Logging with multiple timecode sources.

Connect up to 10 time code enabled devices to a mac's audio input and frame accurate logging is only a hot key away.

Features At A Glance

  • Enter timecode into any application
  • Up to 10 hotkeys, one for each timecode input
  • Log all timecodes simultaniously with the backtick ` hotkey
  • Press shift with any hot key and the times will be copied to the clipboard
  • NTSC, PAL, & Film framerates supported
  • Each input separately Jam Sync's, allowing untethered operation
  • Simultanious view of all Linear Timecode inputs
  • Color coded inputs

How Do You Do That?

TCode takes time from any LTC (Linear Time Code) output, usually on the back of professional VTR's or directly out of a broadcast timecode generator and decodes it via any audio input.

Using multiple inputs, you can do an inexpensive log of multiple camcorders that are not jam synced among each other. All you need is enough built-in or third party USB and Firewire audio devices!